These are examples of the types of services offered.  ScienceWorks can tackle almost any challenge or opportunity related to science and engineering research.

Strategic R&D Planning

  • Identifying model or process for strategic planning
  • Arranging, conducting and/or overseeing the process
  • Preparing planning materials and other documentation
  • Developing strategies for implementation, accountability and measurement

Research Program Evaluation and Assessment

  • Organizing research teams of experts to review programs in selected fields or disciplines, departments and/or schools
  • Analyzing strengths and weaknesses to set the stage for strong program development
  • Recommending means of broadening and strengthening programs
  • Providing follow-up evaluations of actions

Grant Strategies and Review

  • Identifying funding opportunities and contacts
  • Providing in-depth understanding of research funding agencies, their review processes and priorities
  • Assisting in pre-submission grant strategies and review and in post-award follow-up

Center Development: Coalitions and Partnerships for Interdisciplinary Activities

  • Exploring opportunities to identify, develop and implement interdisciplinary teams and programs within and/or across institutions working on challenging transformative projects;
  • Organizing workshops and symposia to catalyze research and education opportunities
  • Identifying relevant and realistic opportunities for support
  • Understanding agencies priorities and criteria for selection
  • Advising on preparation of pre-proposals, proposals, site-visits and follow-up of strategic vision, implementation and reporting
  • Building and facilitating coalitions and partnerships among academia, corporations, non-profits, and international entities to promote innovation, education and research

Workforce Development/STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

  • Developing and/or identifying policies and best practices for enlisting, engaging and retaining students in STEM fields
  • Intensifying efforts towards enhancing under-represented groups’ participation
  • Building new training programs and activities towards diversity of careers


  • Identifying potential partners and assist in facilitating relationships and collaborations between researchers, departments and/or interdisciplinary programs and centers
  • Exploring mechanisms for support
  • Advising on workshop development and implementation, including subject identification, potential speakers, and report of the proceedings

Research Ethics and Research Integrity

  • Providing advice, instruction and course materials
  • Promoting uniform research ethics and standards of professional conduct worldwide
  • Understanding scientific integrity
  • Explaining institutional and individual requirements and responsibilities


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